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Thursday, October 13, 2005

October 13

The last few weeks have been very busy.I am working on getting "Learning Through The Arts" program set up for the fall, winter and spring sessions.It is a very exciting program where teachers and artists work together to generate creative learning. Once I start in the schools I will post some classroom fun.Now that most of that work is complete I can go back to painting.I do have some new work to post to the site and am looking forward to some feedback.

Other News

I am relocating to Kelowna,Britsh Columbia in the new year.My husband and I were there recently to check things out.It is very beautiful.Quite different from Nothwestern Ontario.I have always been comfortable in the forests around here.A lot for me to learn about venturing into the forests there.It's a totally different enviroment.It's very desert like.We went up the mountain where the forest fires went through a year and a half ago;even though the trees were scared it was very beautiful in dfferent way.I was very surprized at how the new growth had covered that ground so quickly.I expected it to be more barron and lifless.What a wonderful surprize.

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Thursday, September 01, 2005

Artist Statement

Artist Statement
Linda Lovisa

”Natural Transitions”

This series of paintings depicts the natural transitions that occur in nature and in our lives as well. It focuses on our landscape and it touches our visual senses in a bold and colourful way. A vibrant palette of reds, yellows, blues and white was explored throughout the series.

In the north, we are fortunate to have the four seasons which changes our land in very dramatic ways. I chose to exaggerate this transformation with my choice of colour. The Canadian Shield transforms our landscape with many lakes, rivers, cliffs, rocky shorelines and sand beaches. I have captured the textures of the land using long and short, bold and broad strokes.

The circular movement of the strokes represents each day… one evolves into another…the sky in passing, eventually full circle…a new day, a new month, a new year.

Nature’s many moods- the roar of strong winds, rushing water, quiet reflections, trickling creeks, crisp cold air, gentle rain and furious storms-have been captured in this collection. The time of day is also present from early morning till late night. All of the scenes presented before you are from my life experiences watching, enjoying and loving the nature around me.

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Natural Transitions: the paintings

(click pics for larger size)

Aurora Borealis

A late fall evening with clear skies and frosty air showed signs that winter was coming. The northern lights danced as if the rays of light were coming from heaven.

Acrylic on canvas 14”x 28” sold

Gentle Rain

The sound of a gentle rain falling on the water is musical. The other sounds in the forest add to the chorus.

Acrylic on canvas 10”x12” sold

Sunlit Shoreline

This small beach on Siege’s Point Road is a cozy spot. I have often painted in this location over the years. I especially like it in late afternoon on a fall day.

Acrylic on canvas 10”x 12” sold

Approaching Storm

The sunlit shoreline shows signs of an old forest fire. Off in the distance a storm approaches soon to change the calmness of the day.

Spring Poplars

Have you ever smelled the air near a group of poplar trees? They are one of the first trees to burst into leaf leaving a fresh scent and a bright green haze on the horizon.

Acrylic on canvas 15”x 32” sold

New Life

A seedling has sprouted braving its dangerous location near the water’s edge.

Acrylic on canvas 16” x 16” sold


Up north the inuksuit is as important as the signs on our roadways. In North Western Ontario there is an amazing number of them built along our highways every year. Why people choose to build one is any ones guess. Perhaps it’s a sign of them in transit or just the enjoyment of putting rocks one on top of the other. This Inuksuit painting is about achieving balance in my life.

Acrylic on canvas 36”x44” available

In Natures Hands

If you have ever been caught on the lake in a storm you will be able to connect with this painting. As a canoeist, I have been in this situation more then once. It’s a life altering experience- a battle with nature. When you reach the safety of land, you thank God the battle is over.

Acrylic on canvas 24”x 36” sold

Winter Light

The morning sun is low on the horizon casting its warm rays on a frosty day.

Acrylic on canvas 12”x16” available

Swirling Skyline

We live in Sunset Country. Every one of them is a treat to witness.

Acrylic on canvas 12”x 16” sold

The Creek

The sound of trickling water always stops me in my tracks and leads to exploring its source

Acrylic on canvas 12”x16” sold

Forest Floor

We always seem to look up. I remember the first time I looked down watching the light as it warmed the forest floor. It was such an experience. I have found that I look down much more often now.

Acrylic on canvas 14”x 16” sold


Where the LaVallee River meets Rainy River

I was fortunate enough to have gone on a canoe trip on April tenth this year. We had a great time. We paddled from Fort Frances to Emo. Along the way we came across the opening of the Lavallee River where it flows into Rainy River. It was the last site where we saw ice built up on the shoreline. I was really inspired by this scene.

Acrylic on canvas 14”x20” sold

Winter Walk

I love walking in the snow and I often go at night. It’s so peaceful. I exaggerated the lighting on the birch tree because they stand out so beautiful against the dark background of the rest of the forest.

Acrylic on canvas 8”x14” sold

Dancing Moon Light

The full moon is magical with its dancing light casting shadows on the landscape.

Acrylic on canvas 8”x 10” sold


Fast flowing water creating an eddy.

Acrylic on canvas 10”x 20” sold


The Awakening

Sunrises are one of my favorite things. There is never one the same as the other. I chose to exaggerate the light on the horizon creating a fiesta of colour celebrating a new day.

Acrylic on canvas 18”x 24” available

Unusual Sunset

Why sunsets and sunrises are the hardest to make believable is because they are unbelievable.

Acrylic on canvas 16”x18” available

Rushing Water

There is always rushing water in the spring at Kemmel Creek. I stop there every time I drive to Thunder Bay at different times of the year. Winter is especially beautiful. Perhaps it’s the subject of my next painting.

Acrylic on canvas 16”x20” available

Red Canyon

The Turtle River - a view from above. The trees are anchored to the cliffs somehow; once again with little soil they reshape the rock face by pushing with their strong roots.

Acrylic on canvas 22”x 24” sold

Cliff Hangers

It always amazes me the strength of the roots of those trees. There is no soil visible, the roots find crevasses to anchor themselves.

Acrylic on canvas 15”x 28” sold

Grand Portage Falls

In awe of Grand Portage Falls in the fall- imagine spring and the power of water carving it’s way eventually to Rainy Lake.

Acrylic on canvas 16”x 22” available

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